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Computer Repair

Let’s face it…technology causes a lot of headaches and stress – especially devices like laptop & desktop computers, printers, tablets and smartphones.  However, all of these devices are meant to improve our way of life.  They shouldn’t feel like a burden and that’s where Computer Solutions of Freehold steps in.

We are strong believers that technology should work for you not against you.  Whether it be home or business, Computer Solutions of Freehold can provide you with great computer repair and upgrade services to ensure that all of the technology you need to use every day is working to its fullest potential.   This service can include anything from fixing a pesky printer at home to resolving a server issue in the office.  We can diagnose any problems that you may currently be facing and also create more efficient methods for all of your computers and devices to improve your daily routine.

We understand that technology is always changing. That is why, even though we have over 40 years of experience, we strive to learn more each month with continuing education.  We understand the importance of keeping up with the fast paced world of technology in order to provide our clients with the best possible service.  We provide professional computer repair/upgrade services and aim for nothing but the best at Computer Solutions of Freehold.

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We make technology work for you.