About Us

Computer Solutions of Freehold was founded by Randy Cranin, who has over 40 years of Information Technology (IT) experience. With a Master’s degree from PACE University, Randy has been involved in many different areas of the technology world and has a passion for the industry.  He created Computer Solutions of Freehold to help people make technology work for them in all areas of their life.

Computer Solutions of Freehold separates itself from the competition by providing clients not only with IT support, but also with IT solutions. The company strives to find the best solution for your business or personal IT needs. It operates on the belief that, with today’s amazing advances in technology, no business or home user should be frustrated by information technology. Technology serves to improve our daily lives—not cause dissatisfaction or impede your work.

We understand that technology is always changing.  Thanks to this understanding, we dedicate ourselves to continuing education and ensure that classes are taken monthly in order to provide our customers with the best knowledge and service possible.  The world of information technology changes every day, and we would like to be there to help you keep up in any way we can.

Computer Solutions of Freehold also strives to help you to better understand information technology. No matter what your level of understanding may be, you will always be treated with respect. We will take whatever time is necessary to ensure that, going forward, you have the IT knowledge required for your business or home needs.

We are always here to help and would like to ensure that all of your technology needs are met and exceeded!