Data Recovery

Most people that have saved any type of file onto a computer, phone, hard drive, or other storage device have probably been faced with the disastrous issue of the loss of precious saved files at one time or another.  The fear of losing our files is in the back of many of our minds – but what would you do if one of the following happened to your device and you couldn’t access any of your files?

  • Computer Crash
  • Hard Drive Crash
  • Irremovable Virus Attack
  • File Corruption
  • Accidental Damage to A Storage Device
  • Accidental File Deletion

Any of these common computer errors can happen to the best of us and in most cases, without warning.  However, thankfully there are ways to recover lost files by methods of data recovery.

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the process of obtaining files that are no longer accessible through regular means due to a storage device failure or user error.  Here are a couple of examples of how to recover your data:

  • In a situation where a storage device has crashed or has been corrupted in any way, there may be a way for a professional to access the files on that device.  In some cases, this is accomplished by using an advanced recovery program but in other cases a working storage device will be connected to the corrupted device in order to extract the files.
  • In a situation that involves a user error like accidently deleting files, there is still a way to recover that data.  Usually, deleted files are temporarily saved on your storage device.  However, there is a limited amount of space on the storage device for “recently deleted files” and you shouldn’t save any new file to the device until the deleted file is recovered.  As long as the file is still in the temporary storage folder, you can recover it in most cases.
  • A very important note: It is critical for the success of Data Recovery to STOP using the device that has crashed or has had files deleted from it. Simply shut it off and ask for assistance. Installing programs to help with recovery on the very same computer that you want to recover from will OVER-WRITE the data you want to recover – perhaps permanently.

If you have fallen victim to any kind of data loss, give Computer Solutions of Freehold a call to find out if the data can still be recovered by our professionals.