IT Networking

Every business and household should have an IT network that allows a group of devices to work together in order to get the most out of technology.  Networking is the process of allowing more than one device to share resources and enables communication among these devices. There are a vast number of ways that you could use networking in both your home and business.

IT Networking for Business

Networking computers and devices together for any business is essential in today’s fast paced environment.  The days are long gone during which it was acceptable to have information travel to and from computers on a sneakernet (physically walking a digital storage device from one computer to another).  In order to ensure that your business is taking full advantage of its technological capabilities, you should have a professional observe and analyze your current process and offer suggestions to improve your company’s productivity.  Some of the major benefits of networking computers together for business are:

Shared Hard Drives or Servers – With this capability, anyone in a business can open and change documents shared across the entire company.  In addition, every employee can save to the same large server instead of saving files on each individual computer’s small hard drive. A shared hard drive is a small device (containing one or more hard drives) that is connected to your network and accessible to all computers on that network. A server is a computer that allows for shared storage (just like a shared hard drive) but also allows for shared applications, such as QuickBooks, Peachtree and GoldMine.

Wireless Printing – In an IT network, everyone can share the same printer wirelessly instead of having a printer connected directly by a cable to individual computers.

Shared Applications – In an IT network, individual employees throughout the company can work together on a shared business application. 

From a small office to a large warehouse, any business can utilize the benefits of IT networking.

Networking at Home

You may be thinking that IT networking is only a business necessity and doesn’t have any reasonable use at home - but that’s not true. For one, sharing documents and files throughout the house is extremely convenient.  You can edit the same file on your desktop computer, laptop, or even smart phone from anywhere in your home.  The same applies to printing.  With all of your devices on the same network you can print from anywhere in the home from any device, including your phone!  Imagine you are about to fall asleep when you realize that you forgot to print something important for the next morning.  Instead of having to get out of bed or adding a reminder on your phone to print the document in the morning - you could print it right from your phone and have it waiting for you in the morning.