2017 Cyber Security Outlook Blog

Posted on February 27, 2017.

This past year was an eventful time for cyber security as 2016 saw a number of breaches and hacks across various platforms.  Cyber criminals are becoming more aware and their tactics are getting more and more advanced as security measures try to catch up with them.  One of the most known hackings this past year was the Democratic National Committee where thousands of emails were compromised and later released on WikiLeaks.  There were several lesser known breaches as well on websites/services that include Yahoo, Dropbox, Oracle, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more!

While last year had breaches that no one ever expected, what should we anticipate in 2017?  Cyber criminals are increasingly likely to focus more on mobile devices than ever before due to the connectivity and functionality of this platform.  Experts are predicting an increase in banking Trojans, which is malware that disguises itself as a legitimate software while it steals your banking information.  Such infections will allow the people behind the attacks to get past two-form authentication via text messages.  Banking applications, as well as other services, are going to have to adapt to protect their users from possible hackings.

Cyber security professionals and experts are also predicting that malware infections amongst individual users could see an increase, while malware attacks amongst businesses and corporations could decrease.  This is largely because most corporations will know the familiarity of the threat and can mitigate it if they consult with cyber security professionals.  However, when dealing with individual users, these cyber criminals will be able to continue their attempts to stay ahead of signature-based detection systems by constantly developing new tools.  So as an individual, it is important to stay on top of cyber security news over the next year and take the steps necessary to protect your personal accounts.  It is more important than ever to consult with an IT professional so you can be as safe as possible while utilizing all of your devices.