E-Commerce Shopping Safety Tips

Posted on February 13, 2017.

The popularity of online shopping is growing at an all-time rate but unfortunately, so is cyber-crime. One of the most common forms of cyber-crime is hackers stealing your credit card information from unsafe websites.  You may have thought that you found a great deal on what looks like a reputable site but it turns out that it was just a shopping site set up by hackers to steal your information. Here are some tips to avoid a cyber-nightmare and stay safe while shopping online.



Stick to reputable websites such as Amazon, Best Buy, Groupon, and others that are secure. When purchasing from outlets that are reputable, you know you are getting a secure transaction and the odds of a security breach is very slim.



If you’re shopping on other less-known websites, make sure they have SSL encryption enabled. You can check by looking for the padlock next to the URL and the URL will start with “HTTPS://”. It is recommended to not use your credit card on a website that is not SSL protected.


Seals of Approval

If you find yourself shopping on a site that isn’t reputable, look for seals of security provided by trusted companies that analyzes the site’s coding. The most common and reputable seals you will see are from Google, Trustwave, GeoTrust, and TRUSTe. However, ensure that you can click on the seal to see the actual site’s certification. Illegitimate sites will only have the image of a seal of approval.



When it comes to emails, never give out your credit card information over such a medium.  Also, do not click on links sent to you in a suspicious email.  There are types of phishing methods out there that will appear to be an email from a reputable site, but it will redirect you to a fraudulent site.  You best bet is to just delete the email, no matter how enticing the deal looks.