Importance of Data Backup | Avoid Data Recovery

Posted on February 23, 2015.

Avoid The More Difficult Data Recovery Process

Everything has been going smoothly, you’ve almost completed that big report your boss asked you to do last minute.  You have stayed up all night making sure it is perfect.  You’re on the last page and your fourth cup of coffee.  Just as you’re about to send it, your power goes out and the screen goes black.  Your heart stops as you realize that you’ve lost it all. 

Do not wait until a similar scenario happens for you to realize that you should have called Computer Solutions of Freehold for our data backup services before relying on a more expensive data recovery process.  Like humans, computers make mistakes.  As it is impossible to eliminate these mistakes, the next best thing you can do is prepare for them. 

There are a number of reasons why you should have data backup software in place on every one of your computers.  

  1. Computers aren’t perfect
    • We sometimes forget that the machines we rely on everyday are prone to mishaps. 
      • Files may become corrupt
      • Motherboards can malfunction
      • CPUs stop working
      • Virus infection disables functionality
  2. Physical computer damage
    • Laptops are at a high risk of physical damage.  No matter how careful we try to be, mistakes happen.  Dropping a laptop or spilling a drink over the keyboard can mean game over if you do not have your files and data backed up properly. An event like this can make data recovery very difficult.
    • Fires and floods occur when least expected and can cause untold damage to your home and office (or even both).
  3. Theft
    • Statistics have shown that one in every ten laptops will be stolen or lost from an organization over the lifetime of each computer.
    • By backing up all of your files to a separate, online location you will be assured that all of your important files can be restored even if your laptop goes AWOL.

If you have been lucky enough to not experience losing important information, it is easy to overlook the importance of secure data backup.  But take it from us; you do not want to wait until something goes wrong to utilize the backup services of Computer Solutions of Freehold.  Stay ahead of the game, avoid data recovery costs, and contact us today at 732-333-8275.