Latest Tech Advances Small Businesses Should Be Using

Posted on May 15, 2017.

When it comes to operating your small business, there are many technologies out there that can make a task easier whether it be for productivity, money managing, marketing, collaboration, customer service, or telecommunicating.  Today, we’ll cover a few basic upgrades that can improve your business almost immediately.

One of the best technologies out there for small businesses is the Cloud.  The Cloud is a network of online servers that allows you to carry out a number of actions and activities over an internet connection.  We all use the Cloud today, whether we notice it or not with services such as online banking.  There are many benefits to having a Cloud system in place for your business; such systems can ease the workload and increase productivity and coordination within the workplace. It is especially convenient if your business is constantly in need of more storage.

An overlooked but fairly simple way to improve your small business through technology is improving your internet speed. Many businesses are on a much slower or faster connection than what is needed by the business. Nothing slows down productivity more than a slow internet connection that cannot meet the needs of your employees. With internet providers offering speeds up to 300 MBPS at affordable prices, there is no reason to not have a fast connection in your office. Also, if you have customers visit your location, providing a fast wi-fi connection will be greatly appreciated! Providing free Wi-Fi for your customers is another effective use of technology for your business and can be an effective marketing strategy.  Consumers love businesses that offer free Wi-Fi since they always want to be connected to the online world without worrying about going over their data limits.

If you are interested in upgrading the technology for your small business, call us today!