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Posted on February 15, 2016.

Each year, new software and devices are introduced that make running an office or small business easier, more productive, and more secure. Here is an overview of the latest technology for the office:

Convertible Tablets

Driven by the success of the Microsoft Surface Pro series of tablets that offer tablet-like portability combined with notebook-like productivity, thanks to a detachable keyboard and optional pen, several other vendors have started offering their own versions aimed at business customers, including Lenovo and Dell. These powerful systems are quickly replacing single-use devices and are affordable additions to the office.

Ultra-Wide and UHD Monitors

Low-resolution monitors can limit productivity and increase eyestrain. The latest technology for the office includes ultra-wide monitors that allow several applications to run side by side, without a complex multi-monitor setup, and they are especially useful for complex operations like video or audio editing. Similarly, new large-screen 4K or UHD monitors have superior resolutions that reduce eyestrain and allow multiple applications to be displayed at once. UHD monitors make editing of high-resolution photos or videos easier and quicker, with less zooming required to see the material properly.

Payment Solutions

Products like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and the PayPal app are gaining popularity with users and offer an easy way to accept payments for goods and services, with less paperwork and security worries than traditional payment processing solutions.

Productivity Software

Productivity solutions like Slack or Basecamp allow easy online collaboration with workers based at home or at other offices. New video-conferencing solutions like Google's Chrome-box for meetings or Intel Unite for small PCs provide inexpensive platforms to host virtual meetings.

Security Products

Windows Hello and the new iris-scanning software from Eyelock offer innovative solutions that go beyond passwords to secure your computer, using unique biometric identification technologies. New anti-virus solutions for 2016 offer better security for all devices, especially when combined with a quality software or hardware firewall to prevent intrusions and unauthorized access to your systems.

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