Safe Ways To Secure Your Password

Posted on August 17, 2016.

Chances are, you have accounts for dozens, if not many more, of websites that all require a password. Everything from your favorite retail sites like Amazon, to your online banking and everything in between, asks you to login and verify your identity in some capacity. But using the same password for every site isn’t safe, and keeping track of these passwords can be cumbersome, if not downright frustrating. The following are some of the safer ways you can keep track of your ever-expanding list of passwords.


Password Manager

Without a doubt, the most efficient and secure way to save your passwords is with a password manager. These programs are designed to remember your passwords (and other information) so that you don’t have to. Most come with a browser plugin, a method for determining the strength of your passwords, and the ability to find duplicate passwords. eWallet, Dashlane 4 and LastPass 4.0 Premium are three examples of well-regarded password management programs.


Encrypted Document

If the cost of a password manager is off-putting, a free way to store passwords safely is by keeping them in an encrypted document. Encrypting a file simply means it cannot be opened without a password. Each time you need a password, just open the document, type in the unique password, and the file - and all of its contents - will be accessible.


Use a Password Generator

So, this one isn’t exactly a way to secure your passwords so much as it is a way to create stronger ones, but it can’t hurt to mention it, right? Password generators do exactly what you think they do: they make passwords! The great thing about a generator is that they will come up with more secure, randomized passwords that are harder to crack. These passwords will be harder to crack than one you made that may have something to do with your personal life.


Keeping your credentials safe in an online environment is of the utmost importance. If your passwords aren’t both strong and secure, you could be at risk of losing valuable data. Computer Solutions of Freehold can provide assistance with the selection and installation of password management software, password generators, and various other methods for keeping your information safe. Contact us today if you have questions about security.