Signs That You Are in Need of A Computer Repair

Posted on April 25, 2016.

Random glitches and technical problems are to be expected when using a computer, which is a very complex collection of hardware and software. But, when the glitches are major, or happen often, it may be a sign that you are in need of a major computer repair. Here are some of the most obvious symptoms:

Strange Noises

Rattling sounds, whining sounds, clunking, or scratching may indicate that a system fan, hard drive, or optical drive is failing. If the problem is the fan or the hard dive, then a failure could cause system damage or lost files, and it should be repaired immediately.

Damaged, Missing, or Corrupted Files

Incomplete image or videos files, or text files filled with gibberish, could indicate a problem with the operating system, a major malware infection, or an impending hard-drive failure. To avoid data loss, the system should be checked as soon as possible.

Boot Problems

This could be caused by a configuration error, operating-system problems, hard-drive failure, or a malware infection. Try booting with a rescue disc or have the system professionally inspected.

Random Crashes

This could indicate a problem with malware, the operating system, or hardware such as your video card, system fan, or memory. Check for new hardware drivers and operating system updates, and scan your system for malware.


If your computer is abnormally hot or is crashing due to a temperature error, then you should have the system inspected. There could be malware running in the background that is overworking the processor, or your system fan or other hardware may be failing.

System Won't Turn On

Make sure that there is power and all components are properly seated. If the computer still fails to start, then there may be a hardware failure.

To prevent an unnecessary computer repair and avoid malware, be sure to protect your home or business computer with antivirus software, as well as a firewall to prevent unauthorized software from running and accessing the Internet.