Small Business Hackings | Business Firewalls

Posted on June 05, 2015.

Computer hacking probably doesn’t make the top 5 list of concerns for most small business owners.  However, the growing problem in the nation has resulted in hackers making a living off of small business owners that are not well educated on the dangers of cyber-crime.  Instead of throwing statistics at you about how many small businesses are not using firewalls in their offices or how many cyber crimes happen every day in this country, we will share some stories from small business owners that never thought hackers would attack their business.  We would like to note that none of these business owners are current or past clients of Computer Solutions of Freehold.


Kevin Stecko – 80sTees.com – Online T-Shirt Company

Kevin’s company was storing credit card data on their servers to ensure an easy checkout process for returning customers.  However, what Kevin didn’t realize is that he made it really easy for hackers to steal his customer’s credit card numbers.

Stewart and Heather Manders - Noosa Trophy and Engraving Centre – Trophy Engraving

Stewart and Heather were devastated to see that hackers not only took control of and encrypted their files on the local hard drive but also all of the files on backup drives as well.  The hackers offered the files back however, it was at a ransom of $4000.

Jeff Salter - Caring Senior Service – Home Health Care Business

Nearly 30 computers in Jeff Salter’s small company was hacked with all of his files held for ransom for $50,000.  All of the important medical files for his clients were held prisoner by hackers.

Charlotte Bryant - Dahlonega Cell Tower Company

Charlotte thought that it was all a hoax…until her computer completely shut down.  All of her files had been corrupted and inaccessible for her business.

Joy O'Neal – The Red Barn – Non-Profit

Joy O’Neal started a non-profit organization to benefit children and veterans.  One would think that at the very least, non-profit companies would be safe from hackers.  However, The Red Barn website was hacked by an Islamic Sympathizer.


No matter the size of your business, types of payments you receive, website you have, or means of storing data, you can be the easy target of a hacker.  Prevent yourself from becoming another horror story by calling Computer Solutions of Freehold to ensure that your network is completely secure and isn’t an easy income for hackers.