The Future of Wearable Tech

Posted on March 21, 2017.

From watches to glasses, wearable tech is something that manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have been putting more resources into.  However, consumers have seemingly not been as quick to jump on board with this growing trend. This is expected to change in the coming years as new and unexpected wearables arrive on the market.  The technology is continuing to improve as more companies get involved.  Heart rate sensors are decent in the current generation of devices, but they still only check every few minutes and can very often have false readings.

Another growing concern with wearable technology is battery life.  The ability to use a device on a single charge through batteries that last multiple days will result in a faster transition to these devices.  The technology behind these long-lasting batteries is continuing to improve every day and will soon be up to speed with the user’s needs.  The battery life of all devices is crucial to most people and necessary to the eventual adaptation by users. The advancement of wearable tech relies on the advancement of the batteries used in these devices.

The market has really exploded with new technologies in the headsets and glasses spectrum.  Virtual reality devices for your phone, such as Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard, have taken the market by storm.  Virtual reality devices, such as the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, are changing the gaming industry as consumers are investing more into virtual reality games.  Social media applications have released glasses that record POV video and upload directly to your account.  There is a market for wearable technology, it is just up to the manufacturers to make practical devices that are affordable and worthwhile for consumers.  It will be interesting to see what unfolds over the next year as new and improved technologies come out.