The Growing Popularity of Smart Home Tech

Posted on May 15, 2017.

It is no surprise how quickly the popularity of smart home technology has risen.  Technology in general is supposed to make our lives easier and more efficient, and smart home technology is certainly helping to do that.  Smart home technology commonly refers to a household that has lighting, appliances, security and other home automation systems that can be controlled remotely by the homeowner.  Smart home technology can make our homes safer and help homeowners save time and money.  Most homes today aren’t outfitted with these systems yet, but many are starting to make the switch.

These systems are capable of a wide range of things and can help simplify a homeowner’s life.  Being able to control a thermostat throughout the day from your smartphone, programing the lights to come on when you walk into a room, seeing who is at the door before you answer it, get alerted when a package is left at the door, and being able to remotely shut off your water supply if there is a leak are all example of smart home technology. 

The future of smart home technology and home automation systems will be concentrated on providing solutions for older consumers to help them live independently while improving their safety.  Some industry insiders believe that smart homes will one day be able to distinguish homeowners and family members by their heartbeats, fingerprints, or other biometric methods.  It will be interesting to see what the future will bring with smart home technology.  It is a new form of technology that is still in its infant stages, and the future will likely hold even more innovations that could impacts the lives of not just elderly people, but those of all ages.