Tips to Improve the Battery Life on Your Devices

Posted on April 25, 2017.

When it comes to our mobile devices, one thing we want to get the most out of it is the battery life.  Having a phone that can last an entire work day, or even multiple days with moderate use is a huge plus in today’s world.  However, many people fall victim into having to charge their phone multiple times a day.  Finding out and understanding what is draining the battery of your phone will help you squeeze the best possible battery life out of your device.

First is your display brightness.  The screen size of smartphones have been getting larger over the years, and with that comes a bigger power draw.  Reducing the brightness of your display will improve your battery life, as well as disabling the automatic brightness settings.  This mode utilizes the phone’s sensors and causes your battery to drain more rapidly than just adjusting your brightness manually.  Another battery killer is background data.  Apps such as email or social media are constantly pinging a server or cell tower to ensure you never miss a notification. Background data can be turned off on both iOS and Android, or you can set it to only update and refresh over WiFi.

Location services such as GPS will also drain your battery quickly.  Geotagging features like those on social media are using battery power to pin-point your location and can quickly drain your battery.  Location services can be turned on/off on both iOS and Android as well.  Streaming video and playing games will also drain your battery faster than normal, so try to limit your use in that regard.  It is also important to close your apps when you are finished using them, this can be done on both Apple and Android phones via the multitask features.  Lastly, having no service can be a pain but it drains your battery fast as your device is constantly searching for a signal and attempting to communicate to a cell tower.  When this happens, it’s best to put your phone in airplane mode or shutting it down.